Honey: Benefits, Uses and Properties

Honey: Benefits, Uses and Properties post thumbnail image

Whose tongue won’t slip after hearing the word “Honey”? Honey is a sweetener for most of us. But do you know it is more than that? It has so many other uses, benefits, and properties. You might be unaware of that. It is 

     Check out these benefits of Honey

Honey possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It works as a really good antioxidant. In case you experience any kind of joint pain or low energy, honey is the best thing for you.

  • If you are an athlete, honey is the best booster for you. It simply sustains energy.
  • The next benefit of honey is that it improves to improve your cholesterol level.
  • Besides that being an anti-oxidant it lowers our blood pressure as well.
  • It also reduces the risk of heart diseases.
  • If you are a diabetes patient, then it is like a best friend to you because it doesn’t increase the blood sugar level in your blood very quickly.
  • In case of any skin burn or rashes, honey acts as a miracle to you. It heals the rashes and the skin burn very quickly.  
  • Honey also has the power to fight with the cough. That is why it is used in various cough killing medicines and syrups.
  • Your favorite organic honey helps in maintaining your weight as well.

Hence don’t under-estimate the benefits of honey by calling it a simple sweetener. 

Do you know these Facts about Honey?

There are some interesting facts about honey that you might not know.

  • First of all, you should know that it possesses the wound-healing properties.
  • Honey has been used in making medicines for almost 5000 years.
  • Raw honey is 80% of sugar and 20% of sugar.
  • Natural honey is considered healthier than that of sugar.
  • Besides that to make one pound of pure honey the honey bees do a lot of hard work. They visit nearly 2 million flowers. They fly nearly 55000 miles to do so. And the more surprising thing is that it is the lifetime work of approximately 768 honey bees. 
  • Do you want to be more surprised? You will be amazed to know that a single honeybee can make half a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.
  • In a single trip, one honeybee makes a trip of 50-100 flowers.
  • The next amazing thing is that honey is the only thing that contains all the items includes water that is required to sustain life.
  • Have you ever heard that this honey is spoiled? No, I don’t think so. Because it never happens, honey never spoils. 
  • Honeybees work in the summers and survive only on the honey in the winters.

 What are the Properties of Honey?

  • You should know that 100 grams of honey possess at least 320 calories. 
  • Furthermore, it is highly absorbed and energy providing foodstuff.
  • The main components of honey are water, sugar, organic acids, and enzymes.

Now I hope you have gathered enough information about Honey, its uses, and benefits. So feel happy to have it.

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