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Life Isn’t Perfect – But Your Hair Can Be.’

Onion Black Seed Hair Oil -Hair speaks. Yes, it’s true! People make hair contact before eye contact as hair is your best accessory. Today is the time when modernization is getting rooted deeply, but definitely with lot of pros and cons. This makes the people centred towards growth and ease of life. Today in the world of race, people also wish to reverse the hand of time but on the other hand they concern with the side effects too. That is the moment when people start to get ‘Connecting to Roots’ i.e., towards natural and herbal (Ayurveda) and Homfeel promise to you for this. Keeping the quality to its supremacy as one and the only concern, Homfeel also deals in various range of the products like nutrition, hair care, cosmetics etc. As if talking about hairs, every second person is having one or the other hair issues either it is hair fall, hair thinning, dandruff, early age whitening etc., and many more. The treatment techniques also developed on the parallel side too to overcome this, like hair transplant, hair therapies etc. But if talking about the affordability then there is a big question mark.

But Ayurveda has lot of sutras, which on one or the other side hide a lot secret within it. Which are effective as well as cost effective too. From those hidden sutras Hompure brought you the all-rounder Onion Black Seed Oil (15 Herbal formula) for the hairs, with a wide range of benefits and use. It contains –

1. Olive oil – Rich number of antioxidants protects the keratin loss and works as a shield to the hair, also antioxidants have a unique work nature of fighting against the infection as well. And if massaged daily one can boost up the regular blood supply as olive oil helps in increasing the blood supply, ultimately resulting in the hair growth.

2. Onion extract – Onion extract is the beautiful and very rich source of the sulfur. One of the organo-compound which helps in the better nourishment of cells around the hair follicles. And thus, are very good hair growth vitalizer.

3. Black Seed extract – According to a study in 2016, black seeds are considered as Novel beauty care ingredient. Because of rich fatty amino acids, it prevents the hairs to get dried up. Also, because of moisturising property it prevents the dandruff. In 2017, in a research it is said that the oil containing Black seed has a effective tendency to reduce the hair fall up to 75 percent.

4. Sunflower – Same as that of black seed sunflower seed oil are best source of fatty acids and ceramides which deeply nourishes the scalp and hair, bless the strength.

5. Coconut Oil – Well known nutrition for hairs. Abundant amount of saturated fats and lauric acid are beautifully and quickly getting absorbed in the skin without getting evaporated nourishing the roots.

6. Argan Oil – Morocco native Argan Oil is widely used for the many of the cosmetic and medicinal purpose. Rich amount of Vitamin E is the ultimate boon for the hairs. Oleic and linoleic acid are two major constituents as a fatty acid which are the beautiful moisturizers for hair preventing the splits end and nourishing the scalp.

7. Grapeseed Oil – Oil extracted after pressed seeds of grapes is rich in omega chain fatty acids and Vitamin E. This oil is the beautiful nourishment widely used as skin care and hair care as it is it is approved that this oil will make your hair softer and shinny also a very good anti-microbial and anti-bacterial property prevents the scalp from fungal infection.

8. Isoamyl laurate – it is the natural lightweight conditioner derived from the sugarcane, sugar beet, coconut etc with very beautiful magical property of smoothing the hair with silky appearance

9. Brahmi Oil – Brahmi is beautiful Medhya (Intellect) drug used since decades in Ayurveda. It just not nourishes the hair but also having deep nourishing property of nourishing the roots also. It provides the stability as well help in better growth.

10. Bhringraj Oil – Just like Brahmi Bhringraj also used as Keshya drug in Ayurveda since its existence. Ayurveda texts mention this drug as Kesharanjaka i.e., hair vitalizer. This drug from the history has a wide range of benefits for hair as well as for skin (ant-fungal and anti-bacterial property) too.

11. Amla Oil – Rich in Vitamin C, Amla is now the well-known nectar for the hairs. the are number of researches claiming its property of reducing the hair fall and promoting the hair growth. Amla also possess the anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal property preventing the parasitic hair as well as scalp infection too.

12. Neem Oil – Neem again the beautiful antifungal, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial drug from the Ayurveda, is very good care for the hair as well as skin too. It protects the hairs from lice and also help in reducing the dandruff.

13. Carrot Seed Oil – Rich in Vitamin A carrots helps in improving the blood circulation. Also, carrot seed oil nourishes the roots of the hairs and providing them stability and firmness and resisting grey hair to grow.

14. Alovera Oil – Aloe vera is widely used herb for almost all types of hair. Rich in Vitamin C, E, B-12, Folic Acid and choline content provides the hair a large amount of nourishment. Also, it is very much beneficial in scalp irritation as its moisturizer and fatty acid content helps in reducing the inflammation. It is well known fact that aloe vera is best used in splits hair condition.

So, the classical drugs from the core of Ayurveda are there to bless us with magical effects. Not only from lasts few years but these are the herbs used since many of the decades for the betterment of health. Homfeel Black Seed Oil is multi-functioning hair treatment as well as hair nourishment which can be used on daily basis.

Ayurveda mention four types of procedures to nourish the hairs as well as scalp along with other medical benefits. They are –

1. Shirodhara – Pouring the Luke warm oil continuously for a 20 minutes of time duration over the head. It then nourishes every single hair follicle.

2. Shirobasti – Retaining the oil for almost half an hour over the head.

3. Pichu – Using the cotton swab to massage the head after dipping it completely in the medicated oil.

4. Abhyanga – Gentle massage of the head with medicated oil that too for a time period of 20 minutes.

Black Seed Oil if used classically by any of the above said procedures can give you the extraordinary benefits. It is recommended for everyone to kindly take the suggestion of your Ayurvedic physician before any medications or applications.

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